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How to practice fishing in sea and river?

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Would you like to learn how to fish easily and simply step by step?

Do you want to get started in the exciting world of sport fishing and do not know where to start?

If you want to learn to master the art of fishing in both sea and river you must know each and every one of the secrets that fishing hides. Maybe you think that starting to practice fishing should be a very complicated activity, but not at all, besides being a sport suitable for all ages, it can be practiced as a family, accompanied by friends or alone. Here you will be able to find the best ways, tricks and tips on how to fish correctly, safely and fun. Below you will find all the guides for each type or species of fish, from how to fish corvinas, gilthead, trout, blacksmith, carp and a long etcetera.

A guide how to fish step by step so that your beginnings in this wonderful sport will be as simple and easy as possible. We teach you how to fish tents or trout in the river, how to fish octopus or sea bream, all the styles and species of fish you can imagine, but, to have a greater advance you should practice everything you have learned, in order to become in an expert in the world of maritime or river sport fishing. First of all, we give you some tips and basic notions so you can start practicing fishing as soon as possible and with all the guarantees of success and in a correct way so that when you reach a higher level we can continue to advance together in this wonderful sport. in contact with nature, are you ready?

How to fish fish?

Guides and techniques for fishing step by step

First of all, we must choose a suitable place to launch our gear, if we do not know the area, nothing better than asking neighbors to indicate the most suitable places to fish. If we are in the interior, rivers, lakes, reservoirs or ponds enabled for fishing will be the ideal place to start practicing. Choose a quiet area in which we feel comfortable, outdoors, clean and without external distractions that may bother us and the fish in our first fishing days. You should take an extra dose of patience, as we will spend several hours and, in our first days, unless we have the luck of the beginner, we will not have many bites.

To have more information, a very good trick is to go to a local sport fishing shop, there are usually amateurs and you can take some advice that another, which will undoubtedly be very useful to learn how to fish in rivers or in the sea . The fishermen as normal general are envious of their fishing position, this is that when a place is known as having large catches there, this position will always be full of older fans than you and therefore the ideal is to look for other areas less massified, do not worry, there are fish for everyone.

To start learning how to fish in coastal areas, sea or ocean , your first steps are similar, although you should be more careful because the shores and breakwater of salt water can be more dangerous than river waters, much quieter than the treacherous waves of the sea, they never know where they are going to come from, and a blow of the sea can soak us easily. It is true that you will have to have a fishing license for most places where you go to practice your favorite sport, in addition, of a good fishing equipment depending on the technique you are going to use and the type of fish that you are going to fish , the possibilities are endless but do not be scared, at first a simple rod with a good bait will suffice.

Once again the local wisdom is going to help us a lot, the variety of fish on the coast is huge and it is not easy to have control of each of the species that inhabit a certain area, this knowledge will only be acquired over the years of experience, but now, sports fishermen or specialized shops will help us to know what kind of baits are used, which fish are the most fish and which are the most active areas so that our fishing day is a success.

If you like the world of sport fishing and want to learn all the secrets and tricks that this fascinating world hides, do not miss any details, here you will be able to learn how to fish all kinds of species, from fishing octopus, trout, goldfish, calamari, how to fish with or without cane, with lures or bait, from shore in sea or river, endless possibilities that this great sport offers us. One of the main characteristics of the sport fisherman is his respect for the environment and the marine fauna, since without them the fishing would not make sense, keep in mind these tips and you will be able to become a great fast fisherman and in a short time, take care the ponds and beaches and they will give you back great and exciting days of fishing.With desire to know all the tricks to learn how to fish?