How to Fish Rays or Stingrays


The ray or stingray, habitat and morphology

The fishing of rays or stingrays can also become an art if you wish. Before going into the subject and knowing the ins and outs of fishing for rays, it is essential to know what characteristics these powerful fish have. These have a huge force under water , due to the morphology they have of a flattened and oval body , this form of the body of the stingray makes it very difficult to pull this animal when it bites the hook, therefore a team is essential of good strength, when you are weighing in fishing this species. Although it seems otherwise, the taste and culinary value of this species is highly appreciated and those who have tasted it have enjoyed a tasty piece for the palate.

The ray fishes can reach even the 35 kilos of weight and its sting, which in some species is poisonous, can reach up to 30 centimeters in length . These animals are buried or stay supported on the seabed until the animal that they want to hunt appears and they can capture it or hide in this way from other prey. They use this technique to swim since their swimming speed is especially slow. In the case of the stingray, the dimensions as weight are much greater.

Scientific name: Manta birostris

Order: Myliobatiformes

Body Mass: 1,600 kg (Adult)

Family: Myliobatidae

Gender: Blanket

Class: Elasmobranchii

What is the most effective way to fish rays on the beaches?

Striped fishing from a boatThe first thing to keep in mind is to be successful in this type of fishing you have to look for the deepest zone that we can on the beach that we are going to make the fishery, if by chance you have the possibility of going a little further with a small boat It would be much better, to give you an example, most of the catches of rays are fished about 300-500 meters from the shore , and of course, for this we need a boat. Depth and schedule are very important factors that you must take into account, since this species without a doubt the best time to find it is at night.

The second thing you should analyze is the size of our fishing hooks , since these should be large, I mean big that you can easily nest a full mojarra , which is undoubtedly one of the baits that attracts the most stingrays ; It is difficult to capture this species of small sizes, almost always when you catch any, it goes beyond 7 kilos in weight, therefore you can use a hook and bait of good size in full confidence.

The techniques for fishing rays

As in practically all fishing species, we can use different techniques and types of fishing , in this case it would not be different, and the techniques to be used include longline and deep-sea fishing . It is not better than another or better than one, it is simply to try both to find the best possible results as we feel more comfortable in our fishing days.

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In the case of the longline I always try to anzuelar with complete baits , that is, whole mojarras, whole chicharros, whole grunts, some squid of good size, in short, any of these would be fine but, that have a considerable size to attract to the stingray. Once the manta ray attacks the bait with security it will devour it completely , therefore practically they will anzuelan themselves without need to give any clavonazo, this is the main advantage that the longline presents ; you also have the possibility that when you are trapped in it, you can drag it with the boat to the shore, since it is very dangerous to raise a live line to the boat because it can hurt you greatly with thestinger that they have in the tail . In my opinion with a longline is the most effective method for catching this species.

Deep fishing

If you decide to fish with a hand reel, I recommend 3 things:

First that the thread that has your hand reel has a resistance of more than 25 kg , because if you use it finer, no doubt the line can split it with some ease.

The second thing is that you must wear gloves to be able to get such an animal out of the water; otherwise the cuts on your fingers can be dangerous.

The third and very important is that you must have a boat hook to be able to nail the stingray when you approach the shore with your fishing line.

* Note: It will never happen to you to deanzuelar a manta ray while it is alive, it has a sting that of nailing it can provoke you a very, very complicated infection, a lot of eye! with this aspect