How to Fish Mullets


Mullet, habitat and morphology

The mullet, are fish of the genus Liza, this fish is a mugilid and there are more than 20 different species spread throughout the world, from tropical waters, through the coastal coasts to even smooth river waters. Its body is elongated, it has 2 dorsal ridges, its mouth is medium in size and it lacks teeth or it is inappreciable. According to their habitat, the mullets form schools and with respect to their diet, they eat all kinds of seaweed and sediments from the seabed. Your interest in both sport fishingAs a commercial it is high, since almost all of its fishing is destined for human consumption. The saltwater mulches mostly have to be fished from a boat, those that live in continental waters, the most usual thing is to be able to capture them in a more traditional way, with rods and fly fishing equipment.

Scientific name: Liza (more than 20 different species)
Family : Mugilidae
Order : Mugiliformes
Class : Actinopterygii
Max weight: * According to species
Max. Length: * According to species

Fishing Mullet surfcasting, tricks and tips to succeed

As fishermen we always want to fish more and better, it is because of them that we try to give you the best tricks and tips to make this happen, today we focus on the fishing of mullet. This fish, known among others as lisa or mullet , is too associated with contaminated port environments and drains, which is why it is rejected by many fishermen as a piece for consumption. The specimens that frequent these environments are discarded in a wise way, since due to their sucking character they accumulate toxic substances such as oils or gasoline from the ports that their organism absorbs between contaminated waters. The mullet is a fish that moves both in the sea and in brackish waters, even reaching banks of them through the sweet flow. Another modality in which it is a coveted piece of competition is for the sea cork fishing , with a long rod on the breakwater, with the advantage that the mullet can attract lures to the fishing station very well. To fish mullet know that we will not talk about these specimens that frequent the ports, but of their brothers who swim in the free water of the beach that have different customs and that mainly affect the fishing strategy.

Fish mullet in competition

The first thing that must be highlighted is that the mullet is an ideal fish for those who are dedicated to surfcasting competition . It is a species that for the tournaments of the coasts should be a priority as a goal for fishermen, especially for the weight it offers in its range of length. It greatly benefits the way that is scored in the tournaments, which provides a good number of points for a piece in relation to the same measure with respect to other species, since the mullet is a relatively heavy fish in its size. Let no one doubt it, it is usually more worthwhile to take a single smooth-sized score to the score than collect several palometas.

Highlight that if there are these fish in the environment are easier to fish mullet than other fish, as they devour everything. This devotion to the mullet does not exclude that when it goes free with friends, they dedicate themselves to other species such as sea bream or sea bass; but you can not forget the mullet that, not being captured by professional fishermen, there are many more mullet than golden, for example. If the mullet was a delicacy, it would happen to other species that each day would have less and would be found more in the markets.

Equipment and material for fishing mullet

If one is engaged in fishing, surfcasting competition has to carry a high competition team. For surfcasting rods that have three pointers, we will use the hybrid for when you are going to fish mullet, since it dampens the pull very well and so there is less chance of escape, a range of surfcasting rods are those of Vercelli , among others , a medium and high range rods for surfcasting lovers But if you have to take into account surfcasting fishing is the rig , which is mounted according to this sea. The line mother of the rigging is usually about two meters, to which is added three long gametas of 90 cmmore or less especially for deep beaches. For stronger hauls the gametes are reduced to 50 or 60 cm, in the thinnest part a buoy is attached. On the beach, a hook of number 8 is used for large mullets and no. 10 for mullets of less than 500 gr.
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Baits for fishing mullet

The bait that is associated with mullet or mullet is the bread crumb . It may be that the bread crumbs may work well in corcheo or at the port, but for surfcasting from the beach , undoubtedly, the worm, well incarnated with the help of the needle, is postulated as one of the baits not only more attractive for fishing. mouth but also more resistant. Some people also use a dough with bread, oil and sardine that is somewhat more consistent than the crumb of dry bread, but there are those who opt for the northern worm, especially because it is a bait that in particular the mullet attracts a lot and has more guarantee of success.😉