How To Fish Mojarras, Tricks And Tips


The mojarras, habitat and morphology

The mojarras, also known as Gerreidae, are a family of fish included in the order Perciformes. They are distributed over most tropical seas, in estuaries occasionally, and freshwater species are rare. Maximum length of 35 cm , reached in the species Gerres filamentosus.They feed by unearthing benthic invertebrates from the sand. Most species live in banks in coastal areas. They are fish for use as a source of food, although they are also used as bait for fishingin many parts of the Caribbean, South America and Spain. They are small silvery fish that have a protruding mouth, with a scaly head but with a smooth upper surface, dorsal and anal fins with a scale scabbard at the base, membrane of the gills not attached to the isthmus, 24 vertebrae and deeply forked tail.

Scientific name: Eucinostomus
Family : Gerreidae
Order : Perciformes
Class : Actinopterygii
Max weight: 2 kg
Max length: 35 cm
The fishing of mojarras, a perfect bait

Many fishermen are unaware of the potential of mojarras as bait for good catches. This species is an exquisite delight for most of the predators that roam the coastal areas, especially where there are sandy bottoms, called in the popular slang of fishing as sand or sand; and not only are they tasty for the fish that devour them, but also for us, the human beings that we love to savor, therefore they have a high gastronomic value.

As long as the ones you capture comply with the weight required to extract them from the water, the small ones are recommended to use them as bait. I also want to tell you that as fishing bait , in many cases, they are even better than the sardine, because they have a greater resistance especially if you are going to use them alive, they usually go out to sea with enough disposition which becomes a key step for the attack of the biggest fish you are looking to capture.

Therefore it is almost mandatory to try to fish mojarras to use them as bait , especially for those fishermen who are taking their first steps in fishing ; to make good fishing of mojarras especially on sandy beaches, follow the steps that are written below.

Fortunately for most fishermen this species is caught regularly at any time of the year , so if you use the correct fishing technique and you find the whereabouts of them on the beaches, it will be really easy to catch them .

Fishing equipment to catch mojarras

The first thing you are going to try is that the schedule is daytime , that is to say during the day, preferably between 7 o'clock in the morning and 10 o'clock, this is the special schedule to achieve the best catches of mojarras; Do not bother trying to catch them at night because they are not very active at night time. We must choose a spinning rod with light action, that is to say that it is very flexible and of little thickness , and the reel that you must use is small and that has good speed when picking it up. Now, the thread should be of a small diameter, between 8 to 12lb, this will depend to a large extent that you can "cheat" them easily, since mojarras are very skilled at the time of detecting if there is something strange in the surroundings of the place where it is going to feed.

The lead that you will place must be of small size, of little weight and you must put it in another line bass separated from the hook; the hooks should be small in size, maybe a # 4 or # 5 since the mojarras are almost always small, perhaps the biggest one that you can capture will have if 1 lb weight, therefore the mouth has small and the hook should be according to them. You already have to have deduced that the technique to fish that you are going to use in this case is the deep fishing , without a doubt the most effective one to fish mojarras. You do not need to make your hauls very deep in this case, as it prowls quite close to the edges.

The fishing of mojarras in sea and riverNow, you already have the basics that you are going to use, but what kind of bait will you use? ; the mojarras are fish of good eating, that is, they feed on almost anything in their surroundings, you can use small pieces of sardines, squid, octopus , and even the mojarra itself; but without doubt there is a specific bait to capture mojarras that is the most effective, and this is the so-called tubeworm, this animal lives inside small little tubes manufactured by themselves and they are very much on the beaches under several rocks, they are not easy to find, but when you get them it is almost certain that if there are mojarras on the site for every 2 shots to capture 1, I can assure you because it has happened to me multiple times. If you can not personally get this bait, you can buy it because it's really worth it and there are many people who sell this type of worm.

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Finally, I wanted to emphasize that you should use 2 hooks in separate line bass , this is very effective and many times you will get 2 in 2 , the mojarras are gluttons by nature, so wait patiently to eat the bait well, when The mojarra swallows well be sure that the capture is imminent.

Another tip: if you are going to use the mojarras as baits, place them alive on your hook, you will see how your productivity will increase too much with species such as pictures, robalos, dorados, sábalos, Gallegos, jiguagua.