How To Fish In Difficult Situations

Fishing In Difficult Situations

Tricks and techniques to catch fish when the sea is against us

Today we raise an issue that many of you have asked it ever, what to do when sport fishing  is against? we have two options:

1º We give up...

2º We accept the circumstances and try to catch fish

There are many reasons why fishing conditions are not the most suitable, for example, the change from winter to spring unexpected storms occur changing to days of calm suddenly, and other days, changing the currents that remove the bottom, contributing the entrance of fish to the beaches, facilitating the capture of fish.

With these currents, not only do they bring fish, but also the first loose algae arrive, thus making it harder for fishermen to surfcasting, since in these areas the fish are removed and the possibility of catching fish diminishes a lot. If they are lettuce leaves or loose bunches, we will still have options to continue fishing, but taking some precautions.

Some tips to catch difficult fish

In adverse conditions due to the massive arrival of algae , the first thing would be to change the coil and mount another with thicker line, to resist the tension of the drift caused by the algae that may get tangled in the line or that we have to drag along with the lead ; the second would be to avoid the knots to the maximum in our bridge and rigging, a chambel, for example, will collect more algae than a single branch, the third would be to check the drift of the current that is getting the algae and ride weights that, while remaining in the draft of form and sufficient time, avoid collecting too much algae.

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In this regard, it is necessary to dispense with rod leads and urds , both mounted on the same rod as above; to deal with the algae, we must minimize our assemblies.

Basic rules for catching fish

Do not pass systematically to throw with 110 grams to do it with 150 grams as between a stream. The first thing is to change the type of lead if we check that it moves, it goes from one of casting to one of ball, with the same weight. With the rigging to try, the only thing is to keep the distance between the branches of the rigging to avoid cross and entangle, it is best to mount them with rotating pearls and with a somewhat smaller line to rotate more freely.

The Secrets of Fishing in the Sea

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Calm sea and compact background

Although there are those who say that these conditions are good for blacksmithing or goldsmithing , the truth is that when the sea is calm, the waters transparent and the bottom compact, the fishing options are greatly reduced, sometimes it is even better to leave. The unconditional surfcasting do not give up before that adversity and try to bring the fish and have patience. We encourage the white bait rigging, which can be seen from afar, even with a phosphorescent finish, what is interesting is to call the attention of the fish. As we do not need to anchor the leads we assemble them in white or phosphorescent red, which makes them a claim, and the same thing happens with the baits, we have to try to make them juicy and move them even slightly with the lifts of baits .

How to catch fish in adverse fishing conditions - All for fishing (1)

Colorful colorful leads for a good claim

With the compact and calm bottom you have to look for resources such as dragging the rig or fishing in tow . Cala one or two rods at different distances, and do not keep the drafts for long, between launch and cast a light and comfortable rod, throw it and go picking up the rig little by little and wait a few seconds, and start again! The same thing that must be done with the lead, is to move it little by little, raising a little sand and leaving it quiet again, this trick will position you in options to capture fish since with that sand cloud you will see the fish that are more near and will go to the food of the bait.