How To Fish Hunchbacks Or Irons


The humpbacked fish, how is it?

I decided to make this little article because I really enjoy fishing the so-called hunchbacked or ironed fish , which are very common on the shores of the beaches. They are a species that, however small it may seem, always give good war when trying to remove them , they are excellent on the palate and have a high gastronomic value, and especially very peculiar in the morphology of their physique as you can see in the photos. Let's see what is the best way to capture this type of fish step by step.

First let me tell you that they are a silvery color and totally flat body . This feature of your body as such, is what gives you the ability to bend and get against the current of water when they are nailed by our hook . For this reason, many of the times we hook a hunchback, we believe that we can nail a bigger fish, because due to the position they adopt in the water, they produce a lot of resistance to be extracted from it. This specific point in fact becomes a guaranteed fun for every sport fisherman trying to get a hunchback.

Hunchback fishing or ironing
Humpbacked or ironed fishHow to fish this species? . First of all you should look for some beach preferably sandy bottom , this aspect is very important, since in this type of funds these fish are fed more actively. The second thing to keep in mind is that it should be during the daytime , that is to say on the day, between 7 and 9 in the morning I have achieved very good hunchback catches, do not waste time trying to capture them at night , because definitely the most indicated time is in the day.

Equipment and fishing equipment suitable
The equipment you will use must be light in the first instance, very thin thread , no more than 10 lb of resistance, you can use both your hand reel, as well as your light spinning rod . The lead to be used will be very small, only that it has the objective of the bait touching the bottom, and your hook should be small because the hunchbacks are small-mouth fish and you need them to swallow as much of the bait to be able to capture it.

What fishing technique is more effective?
As you must have elucidated, the technique you will use is undoubtedly deep fishing , you should not look too deep to capture the "irons", they roam a lot near the shore, concentrate better on having all the equipment that I indicated and not on make sets far from the shore because in reality for this species are not very necessary. The most important thing you should know is: the bait you will use , there are two very effective baits for this species, they have given me an incredible result, these are:

Do not use any other bait to capture them, I assure you that just using these two is enough to make good hunchback fishing . It is important to remember that you should only remove hunchback species that exceed half a kilo of weight from the water, otherwise return it quickly to its habitat.

I am fully confident that if you use these tips in the right way you will succeed in capturing this very peculiar species. A final detail, but no less important, is the time where you can find them , precisely the months of March to September are the most productive when hooking a hunchback on your hook.

Summary for fishing hunchbacks:
Fishing during the day, between 7 and 9 in the morning
Use light equipment and small hooks
The most effective technique is fishing in depth
Search for places with sandy bottoms
Best time is between March and September