How To Fish For Bonefish

Fish For Bonefish

In this short article I am going to talk about a really fun and vibrant fishing, that if you are lucky enough to live in areas where these types of fish live, you can enjoy it. The MacabĂ­ or also known as bonefish , is one of the most fun specimens to carry out fisheries on the shores of the beaches. Undoubtedly they are the fish that are strongest when they bite the hook, and although they have a medium size and weight , they look like larger fish when they catch the bait and fly off. In this article I want to describe the most effective way to make excellent catches of bonefish from the shores of the beaches. Normally, the bonefish are frequently found throughout the tropical and subtropical belt, the most abundant sites is on the beaches. In their first stages of life you can find them in numerous schools , but as adults, they only like to move as a couple.

They are silver and the snout ends in a conical shape , which makes it possible to "sniff" the crustaceans found in the sand. They do not have teeth , so it is very easy to remove the hook from your mouth once you capture them. Another important thing is that this species is very appreciated by sport fishermen , I recommend that when you go out to fish this magnificent fish you make the capture and release of any bonefish that you catch, you are definitely going to contribute to keep this species reviving the adrenaline Many fishermen, including myself.

How can we catch big bonefish? tricks and tips

The first thing you should detect is that the water where you are going to make the sets must be clear, shallow and have a slight interaction with the surface wind . So that you have an idea, I always try to introduce myself at least with the water up to the thighs, and at that depth make the sets, as a curious point I specify that on several occasions when the bonefish feed , I have noticed that the posterior fin They leave the water while digging in the sand.

The most commonly used method or technique is fly fishing or spinning fishing with light weight artificial lures. The results with these two techniques to fish for bonefish are incredible . In the case of spinning fishing for example, you should try to use some artificial small size, if they can be yellow feathers you would be excellent , you should try that the lure falls to the bottom, and with small vertical touches go giving it similarity to some crustacean of that beach, on the other hand, in the case of fly fishing you have to make the sets in wave form and that the small artificial brush the surface of the water, that's where these specimens most strongly attack. You must keep in mind not to close the brake of your reel to the maximum, in this way you will avoid splitting your thread, since the thickness of it must fluctuate between 10 to 12 lbs for an efficient fishing of the Macabi.

The Secrets of Fishing in the Sea

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With these little tricks and tips we can go out there and have some really fun days fishing this "playful" fish that although it is true is not one of the great sea monsters, it will give us moments of adrenaline and enjoy this great sport, the fishing, which in the end is what it is about, having fun, being in contact with nature and living new and vibrant experiences in our fisheries. I leave you with a great video where you can see the virtues of bonefish or bonefish during your fishing!