How To Fish Black Bass

How To Fish Black Bass

Black bass, its habitat and morphology

This species has a body of green color, has a dorsal fin really powerful and highly developed, this fin is divided into 2 very well differentiated parts, the front fin in which you can see rays with thorns and its rear fin with soft radios. What stands out most about black bass is its huge mouth, full of teeth and great tongue. His body is composed of between 60 and 68 scales. The average size of black bass is between 30 and 40 cm although specimens of half a meter in length have been found. Their habits are of being a calm fish in warm waters, full of vegetation and algae, usually frequents areas of shallow waters with little current. Black bass females lay their eggs at the beginning of summer in shallow and quite vegetated areas. The males are dedicated at that time to make a hole for the females to lay their eggs there, these depositions can reach up to 12,000 eggs at one time. Their food consists of small amphibians and fish. To know its origin we have to move to the East and South of the USA, including Mexico, due to its high degree of value by fans of sport fishing , black bass has been introduced in hundreds of places around the world , from ponds, reservoirs, swamps or lakes.

Scientific name: Micropterus salmoides
Family: Centrarchidae
Order: Perciformes
Class: Actinopterigios (fish with radiated fins)
Max weight: 5 Kg.
Max length: 50 cm
How to fish black bass, tips and tricks

The black bass fishing We focus on the most effective techniques to fish this fish that both sportswomen and anglers from all over the world are looking forward to and enjoy, for this we will narrate a real and practical case of how to fish black bass . We assemble, for example, a jerkbait suspended from the firm Rapala in 12 cm and weighing 13 grams. The chosen color has been the Silver Blue (SB). We choose this model because it is a metallic reflections finish and dimensions that allow to throw it away so that, once sunk, it remains suspended and we can comb a wide area. The metallic reflections of this lure for black bassThey combine very well in clear waters and their shape and size match that of the alburnos that exist on the stage. Our line is 0.30 mm which is mounted on a casting reel.

The area on which we are going to fish black bass is about 300 meters, all very uniform with abundant rocks and trees located every ten or fifteen meters. Our fishing probe at this time marks about five meters before making the first set. With the Husky Jerk in the water, we print a dry pull so that it is placed in the middle of the water. The drop to the bottom is very slow due to the density similar to that of water and does not allow it to float or go to the bottom. With our polarized glasses we can see how this one is about two or three meters below the surface, this being the area that we will work with. Located the Rapala lure, a classic in black bass fishing lures, we are going to print a series of dry pulls, small but intense, that allow the rattle that carries inside to attract the attention of the fish.

Lure black bass Husky Jerk SB by RapalaIn black bass fishing , the waters, being very clear, allow a control of the lure at all times and the help of polarized lenses will allow a quick reaction in the black bass fishing. However, if the water had a certain tonality that limited the vision and control of the lure, this technique is still valid, since, although we will not see the jerkbait, we will feel it through the tension of the thread. The attack of black bass is brutal and even showing up before us, it will surprise us. Sometimes, in the black bass fishing we will see how the attack occurs from the bottom up, as we mentioned earlier about the hunting mode of the bass, but in others, we will see how it occurs when the jerkbait is approach an obstacle, these techniques to fish black bass are very effective.

If we have a bite, the first thing to do is look at how deep it has been . If our second fish decides to attack, we will know exactly what level they are in. The cheek must be immediate and the most common reaction is that the fish goes down to the bottom at a vertigo speed, without climbing to the surface to delight us with his usual jumps. Two very intense races or three, of those that draw thread to the reel, and the fish is ours.

The energy and strength of black bass in summer is noticeable and will never stop surprising us

We can use another black bass fishing technique if we do not want to use a jerkbait and we want to give a chance to a crankbait of half waters. The method is the following for black bass fishing in quantity: located in the same place where we were, with the small difference that we are going to place our sets closer to the shore , always as perpendicular as possible, but opening them according to the depth. As well as using jerkbaits, the hauls were long and we used the sound of the lure to get the attention of the fish, here it is a matter of making a haul on the shore(with a minimum of two meters deep). Then another throw that we opened at an angle where the water is deeper, and then another, changing the angle and the draft, and so on up to that top of five to seven meters. We know that our crankbait lure will go down to three meters for black bass fishing, so at all times we will know at what level you are swimming.

If we have a bass bite, we must first look at how deep it has been. If our second fish decides to attack, we will know exactly what level they are at. Then we will change the position of the fishing boat and place it perpendicular to the shore, letting ourselves be carried by the current with small corrections of the electric motor. If we want to take advantage of the situation and succeed in our black bass fishing, we can use the jerkbait that we had previously set aside and maneuver it in the chosen area. In that way, we will experience what decoy is most effective and draw our own conclusions.

Inactive basses VR active basses
Among professionals of black bass fishing , one of the points in which discrepancies arise is whether a fish that is in suspended position will attack our lure more easily or not. That is, if the animal is in active mode or it is more difficult to fish. One of the reasons argued by those who relate the inactivity of bass is that being located in open water, away from concrete points near structures, does not feel this need to attack for reasons of territoriality, while those who do believe in aggressiveness of these fish are based on the fact that it will attack the decoy because it is part of its innate behavior, it is a natural reflection.

What would your opinion be?

Black bass fishing at different depths of water
The art of bass fishing Good fault of the position that the bass takes from the beginning of the summer to the middle of autumn is due to the influence of the thermoclines . This concept is not new for the fisherman, who knows in his influence an important resource to locate fish. The thermocline is a stratification of water due to the appearance of layers of varying density as a result of a temperature difference between these sheets of water. Although the important thing about them, apart from that temperature difference, are the oxygen concentrations that separate them. This causes the fish to find a comfort and feeding area, since these delimitations are also sought by the minitallas.

When the heat tightens, in black bass fishing it is a wise to locate the fish looking for these thermoclines, since the bass will choose these areas wherever they are. In deeper reservoirs, thermoclines are more abundant and form more easily than in those of shallower waters. If we find on the sonar screen a concentration of fish at a constant depth, it is very likely that we have found a thermocline. If we have a fishing probe, we will adjust the sensitivity to its maximum degree, and these changes in temperature (therefore density) will appear as a broad band that crosses the screen from side to side.

There are countless fishermen who enjoy black bass fishing. Others are fans of fishing vinyls in important depths. But when the bass is located in half waters, more than one we are, at least, "uncomfortable", and hence the importance of mastering these techniques to fish successfully in the hot summer months.

Fishing black bass in inaccessible areas is an art
Fishing places with lots of vegetation Black bass is a stalking predator , its own physiognomy is not adapted to sprint hunting and, of course, it is not exactly comfortable in open waters. Your natural hunt is natural or artificial obstacles and, sometimes, those obstacles are really impassable by the fisherman ... or not, provided that the appropriate techniques are used.

It is not easy to fish black bass, but not impossible either 😉

Basically we will resort to five types of decoys:

Artificial "hollows"
But before entering the field, we will clarify some concepts of vital importance when facing extreme vegetation and coverings for the fishing of this SUV.

The most complicated places to fish
The truth is that we all fish in coverages (at least everyone who fishes bass), but a very different thing is to throw a crankbait bordering a couple of isolated trees on the tip of your favorite reservoir that make a vinyl worm dance in a salad of algae, or in the tangle of a forest flooded by a spring flood. If you really want to become the master of the fishing of this predator, you have to start not to avoid all those places to fish black bass that most fishermen avoid complicated.

The fishing area, the "attack window"
The "attack window" (what the Anglo-Saxons call " strike zone ") is nothing but the area around the black bass in which presumably it will sting. Obviously it depends on the degree of activity of the fish, but also physical limitations: in open and clear waters the bass will be able to detect and attack a decoy many meters away, but in a tangled and dark place, that "attack window" is drastically reduced, even less than a meter around you. Hence the tremendous importance of fine-tuning the cast and presenting the decoy with pinpoint accuracy. The sets known as "flipping" and "pitching" or, more colloquially, "pendular", allow us to place a jig 10 meters away in a coffee cup (you should practice it dry from time to time, with a little experience it surprises the precision that can be reached).😉

Precisely because the attack area will be minimal in these scenarios, that is why we must maximize the precision to be successful in fishing for black bass , and that starts with a correct and discrete approach. Remember that there is no second chance for a first set, and many, many basses are getting bitten by reaction.

The art of casting in short fishing
The technical part of the haul, make no mistake, you only learn with practice. We could write a book about these sets, but the truth is that a couple of mornings on the terrace of the house will be the best school. After we can go to our favorite reservoir and start fishing black bass or at least try . We leave you with a video that we have found (in English) where they teach us the way to perform the pendular sets or as they call it, flipping or pitching , like fishing fish like a pro.

Tips to succeed in bass fishing with very busy waters
Sport fishermen inland waters The panorama is very frequent: we reached the water with our fishing boat and we found a tail of a dozen cars and boats on the ramp. Having overcome the first obstacle we decided to look for our favorite corners and we see with surprise how all the zones are occupied. We get desperate and try to go to other posts well away from the pressure of other fishermen, at the other end of the reservoir, but again we see the silhouette of two fishermen in a boat. We cast a curse and the chosen day and resigned we think "after all the reservoir belongs to everyone". The reservoir is small and the banks very steep, the fishing surface is reduced to a minimum of areas. If we add that we have chosen a holiday or we agree with a fishing contest, the hope of finding 200 meters of fischable shore are reduced at random.


With a different strategy from the rest of the fishermen, results can be achieved even in waters with greater fishing pressure where the bass "knows Latin"

The Secrets of Fishing in the Sea
Do not you still have the best book on all the Secrets of Fishing in the Sea?

If we manage to convince ourselves that the effect that a reservoir with many fishermen can have is not greater than that which could produce a sudden storm or a change in water level, we will have taken a giant step, since it is just another handicap or less confrontational. If we launch directly into the back of our fishing lures today we see how two boats are combing it, we can wait around to wait for it to be abandoned. If we can get in without anyone being bothered, always approaching the boat on its back, which has already been caught, we will not wake up suspicions. We will focus our attention on the lure and fishing technique used, and we can have a reference on how to fish. After all, we can learn good advice. If we do it this way, the one that is in a certain area does not have to be bothered by the presence of another boat or fishing duck, which we have already covered with our electric motor, although it does have reasons if the visitor does ahead. Although going ahead has its advantages, it does not mean having the fish made, at any time you can turn the tables.
Best reservoirs for black bass fishing
Reservoirs to fish black bassSpain is a power in the fishing of black bass at European level . No country has such a large number of reservoirs to fish with such abundance. The real problem is that we do not know how to take advantage of it and we always think of the neighbor next door, which in this case is located in the United States. It is convenient to keep changing the chip about what happens there. We think that there they tie dogs with longaniza in what refers to bass fishing, and I am referring to the thousands of lakes and reservoirs that are so wonderful and great, that we have seen on television. Yes, all that is true, but there is another reality that is not shown on TV.

I am referring to the hundred of powerful and large boats that fill their piers and ramps, and that sail at breakneck speeds, creating an authentic traffic with their comings and goings. The fishing pressure is enormous, and if you decide to fish in a certain area, you do it in the company of other fishermen and boats that are sometimes measured by tens. It is not uncommon to see how a boat passes fifty meters from you at 40 miles per hour and you have to swallow a wave. In Spain, the subject who does this is expected on the ramp to say "four little things" about the origins of his family. We are also exasperated when another boat arrives and decides to share the backwater in which we find ourselves, when in many dams and lakes of the United States it is the order of the day.You have to learn to share and respect the rights of another , of course, as long as you have the same feeling towards us. Here, the ethics of each one is what sets the limit.

Right way to fish black bass, experience
And that day I was the cook, but the tortilla was eaten by the others. I was in an area of a hundred meters combed by large rocks, with a depth that was around four meters and that went down to eight very quickly. My boat was ahead and immediately behind that of other colleagues who tracked with their fishing vinyls the area that had just caught, also vinyl. I was fishing with a worm very slowly , while the other boat was following me on my heels. The fish were in very concrete obstacles and took the decoy as soon as they fell. Those who fished behind me realized quickly, and while I was busy tracing the vinyl through the bottom, they would not let it rest and get consecutive bites.

I could not understand why. Of course, that you realize much later, when you analyze your error. The result was nil for me, while the visiting team (which I already knew) got five or six fish. That afternoon I learned a good lesson even though I had to put my hand on the wall.

Preferred bass feeding
Black bass capture Black bass is undoubtedly a carnivorous fish and its diet is based mainly on fish, although its diet can vary according to its environment, being able to eat frogs, crabs, mice, moles, snakes, leeches or even baby birds. Another of his predilections are insects such as spiders, beetles or one of his favorites, dragonflies. Black bass often points out what it is you want, it is enough to know how to interpret the way you do it. Hence the importance of the first piece. Many fishermen, including myself, we are small boat until we do not get that first fish, which usually arrive at the least expected time. The information that we can extract is telling us about how he wants us to collect the decoy, of the situation in which he finds himself (suspended,

It is common to arrive at the reservoir with a preconceived idea about what decoys we are going to use, but not about what we are going to find in it.

If our patience is overwhelmed by the presence of other fishermen, our obligations will tell us if we can fish the reservoir during the week. This implies a serenity that is felt in our way of fishing, without the worry of agglomerations and even fishing is more favorable. If we are not one of the privileged few that fish during the week, we can do it on a Saturday, since that agglomeration is still not felt. I know many fishermen who fish Saturday to dedicate Sunday to their family, and none of them is a State official.

In the small details are the difference
The experience is a degree in fishing , and only with the passage of time and with many days uploaded to a platform, we realize the mistakes we made in our first sets. Each season is usually more comforting because of what has been learned. We smiled when remembering those decoys and techniques that we used more with illusion than with practice and the superfluous things that we ignored. Our technique is being perfected and our knowledge is extended on the horizon.

Now we give more value to what we previously did not even intuit and that we now consider as part of success.

The Secrets of Fishing in the Sea
Do not you still have the best book on all the Secrets of Fishing in the Sea?

Within this cluster of small details are the references to the materials we use, the lines, lures and fishing rods. Fishing in waters with few fish and many fishermen force us to redefine a strategy, and what a couple of seasons ago worked very well and allowed us to get results sounded today is part of the memories. A good start in water with great pressure is the use of fine lines. In this aspect, the European fisherman is quite mentalized with respect to his American namesake, since the use of fine lines is well spread among us. For an American, the use of 8 and 10 pound lines of resistance is reduced to very fine fishing techniques, while on this side of the Atlantic, 10-12 pounds are adequate resistance for most occasions.
The use of essences to fish black bass
Aromas and essences for black bassIt is known that black bass has a well developed sense of taste and with which it is guided at the last moment, when the sense of sight and hearing indicate that it has found something to eat, to take it to the mouth and determine if It is truly edible. The importance of an essence is not so much to incite the fish but as a system of confidence in what is eating and that is also pleasant. And in what does it benefit the fisherman? In more possibilities of nailing, that is, in more trusting fish.

The bass eats with pleasure what has just been introduced in the mouth and inspires confidence. It knows that it moves like the food to which it is accustomed, it has a similar tone and, in addition ... the taste is pleasant . Result, the fish keeps the food longer in the mouth confident. The essences are usually associated with background lures like vinyls and jigs, in slow-moving artificial ones and in which small differences mark the results. Fast lures , such as crankbaits and spinnerbaits, can not tempt a fish for other senses than sight or hearing, since it does not perceive more than the movement or sound of these. However, there are professionals who spray their crankbaits and spinners with essences.
Another aspect is the size of the lures
Lures types black bass The black bass is very pressed and a fine line should adapt a light lure. The size of this one must be as small as possible and produce a slower fall in order that the fish manages to fix its attention more time. A small lure, the action should be as subtle as our patience allows, since this type of tools responds with great sensitivity to the slow and slow movements collected. It is about adapting a collection and movement according to what we have in hand. The bass observes something different from what it is accustomed to see, and that it also has life and can be eaten. If we know the area in which we move, for being our local fishing lake, we have a good example to experiment with. The abundance of fishing from a reservoir makes it the benchmark of the province and even a call for fishermen from others.

Such is the case of Mequinenza in Zaragoza, Canelles in Lérida, Orellana and La Serena in Badajoz, Cortes de Pallars in Valencia, Navallana in Córdoba and so many reservoirs that magnetize the fans who repeat Sunday after Sunday. This allows other reservoirs to receive a minimum influx, while others take the pressure. The fish are more distrustful and start a learning process, discarding a color or a vinyl that worked perfectly the previous season. Anyone who is unconditional of their local lake will have been able to realize this.

The fishing of black bass to half waters, the best fishing techniques
Especially in bass fishing in summer, these dates are very favorable for sport fishing. During the summer and early autumn the bass adopts a typical position of half waters in most of our reservoirs, especially in those that boast the clarity of its waters. Knowing the reason for their behavior and knowing how to take advantage of our jerkbaits is a paramount task for any fisherman of basses, and without a doubt the jerkbaits one of the best fishing lures for black bass. The fishing of suspended fish in clear or crystalline waters and in areas with a depth of around 5-7 meters has always been associated, and this is not the result of chance. Those reservoirs that meet these characteristics and an abundant coverage, almost always in the form of submerged trees, are common scenarios for black bass fishing in mid-water.

The basses in these conditions tend to be positioned in groups of the same size and are actively, waiting for a bank of fish to wander through the open areas. They are typical postures of early summer and autumn, when they are placed below the schools of fish that suppose their food and attack them from below.

If the fisherman divides one of these groups and works methodically, he will make a good black bass fishing, easy and fun.

Behavior of black bass
The reason why bass opts for these positions in clear waters and are more unusual in those taken, is due to hunting patterns and comfort. We already know that the bass acts in this way to surprise from the bottom the small fish that swim on the surface, a strategy taken in the hottest time, when the prey crosses open areas of the reservoir. The bass seeks its food here , where others (the fish banks) look for theirs, and it is in the open areas where the current transports that food that the little fish are looking for, that in summer they gather in groups larger than those accustomed to see in spring.

During the summer, the bass feeds more fish than in another season of the year

Comfort is another aspect that explains this behavior. When the season with more heat and longer hours of light arrives, the bass searches for areas where the water temperature is cooler and where the rays of light fade as there is more depth. The points of the dikes, the vicinity of the large cuttings and steep banks are those points where the fish will concentrate. As the season progresses and the fall appears, the bass is gaining depth, but is approaching the shore, as the waters cool the bass leaves its position of half waters and remains stuck to the bottom.

Crankbaits and jerkbaits, star lures
Crankbait lure for black bass It is known that during the summer the bass feeds more fish than in another season of the year . The reason is given by its abundance and its mobility. In summary, there are more minitallas and these move more usually. From the small banks of small fish that gather in the spring looking for their food on the banks, large groups are now forming that wander from one part of the reservoir to another, or else they are guided by the current.

In summer the black bass takes advantage of a rich and abundant menu of fish more accessible than at other times of the year.

The fisherman has to fish with what the bass dictatesand this is going to be the best advice for these fish. In the early hours of the day the fish are located in the vicinity of the shores, hunting in areas of more shallow orography. Nothing of those basses of spring that we played in the most hidden of the doubles, now the bass is easier in its location. We will find it between 3 and 4 meters below the surface and there it is possible to put a crankbait or leave a suspended jerkbait that, from the boat and with the help of our polarized glasses we will have controlled at all times. In the black bass fishing in clear waters we can choose the smallest sizes among our arsenal of lures jerkbaits (not less than 10 cm) but we know that at the same time we must have a finer fishing line.

Anyway, the bass in this season will be with minitallas larger than that had in spring and not be suspicious of jerkbits of 15 cm. Even if the bass is active, circumstance that occurs as the afternoon progresses, we can mount lures for black bass that approach 18 cm in length. One of the reasons why jerkbaits are more effective for black bass fishing at this time of year is due to its peculiar elongated shape, which resembles a fish and a more natural swim with the stops and starts of a dam with problems, and this in clear waters, where Bass trusts his life more than in another sense, makes them very effective.

When the heat tightens, it is a good idea to locate the black bass looking for thermoclines, since the bass will choose these areas wherever they are.

In front of our boat we have chosen a shore with a marked slope that drops from 3 to 7 meters deep. In this section the distance to the shore is about ten meters. We are therefore at that distance. If the bass were stuck to it, he could not see us. We hope that this small practical guide has helped many new fishermen when it comes to getting started in this continuous fight between fisherman and black bass.