How To Catch River Shrimp For Bait

How to catch river shrimp for bait

Baits for fishing, Worms or shrimp?

The earthworms together with the freshwater shrimp undoubtedly form the most effective duo of baits used in dams and rivers, especially in the Caribbean region. Worms are used much more than shrimp because they are more easily obtained, you can even breed this species and maintain a fairly abundant stock in the home. Freshwater shrimp, on the other hand, are difficult to obtain, so shrimp fishing is much less frequent , now I tell you something, not least because it is less effective, on the contrary, in my experience I can tell you that Shrimp are even more effective than earthworms .

Shrimp are possibly the most effective bait in freshwater reservoirs to fish with live bait , because by their naturalness in terms of color, movement, shape and habitat they make them an irresistible delicacy for trout, as well as tilapia, sofies, carps , etc. Precisely the first advantage I wanted to highlight is that they are preferred by almost all fluvial species, therefore, if you are fishing in rivers , this will interest you, as it is a great advantage to have this bait for our fishing day . In this short article I will show you a method for capturing this special bait.

How to catch river shrimp for bait?

Fish shrimp in rivers with malanguetas This method that I am going to tell you for the capture of shrimp in fresh water usually gives very good results, it has played mostly in dams where vegetation is abundant, but especially where there are enough malanguetas , which is nothing more than a water plant that It stands out in most of the surfaces of the dams and the roots of this plant are not attached to the bottom , but remain suspended in the water and this is precisely the home where many freshwater shrimp are sheltered . Surely if you have gone fishing to places where this vegetation abounds you will have noticed that there are constant "movements" near this area, and this is given precisely because manytrout, tilapia, biajacas, carps, sofies , feed on the large amalgam of shrimp that lives in the roots of the malanguetas.

What method do we use to capture the shrimp ?. So simple, let's make a jibe, and what is this? , a jibe is an attachment or fishing accessory similar to what is used to sift or repel the cement in buildings, you will simply take 4 woods of a thickness of 3 to 4 cm, and of length would be about 50 cm those that you are going to place for the length of the homemade jibe and about 30 cm the two that you will use for the width of what we are going to build. After you have this in hand, we will nail and join by the ends of the wood the two of the length with two of the width and you will be shaped a kind of rectangle in wood.

Next you have to get a metal mesh with very small holes , which have the same dimensions as your wooden rectangle, and this mesh is going to nail and join covering one end of your rectangle, this way you would make your jibe ready to capture shrimp . Easy, simple and cheap.😉

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To capture them is simple, you have to enter the dam at least with water at the waist or navel perhaps, you have to hang on your neck some empty can with several small holes in the bottom that will allow you to not accumulate water in it, it is in this container that you will go depositing the shrimp that you capture to keep them fresh all the time ; Then what you are going to do is approach the malanguetas and gently place the jibe under the roots of the same, then you will raise it abruptly and you will shake the roots inside the jibe and in this way you will see the amount of this precious bait you're going to capture.

Fishing river shrimpI know it is a very tedious job for those who do it for the first time and especially if the water is cold, but I advise you to practice this theory because I assure you that using shrimp as bait, your fishing days will be much more productive. Never stop innovating in fishing , this is what will separate you a little more from triviality, if you innovate you have results, if you do not do it, you will continue with the same results as before. Sport fishing is a continuous learning, not only is it enough to follow the advice and tricks of the fishermen experts, but to try your own, not to be afraid of making mistakes and go a step further, because fishing is not all invented , I assure.

Before concluding I want to give you 2 last tricks that are important:

You must keep the shrimp fresh , for this purpose, you can take a can of soda, open it by one of the ends, fill it with small holes, (that the shrimp do not escape) place the shrimp inside the tin and constantly each some time (30 minutes) you throw water on it to maintain the freshness of them.

To place them on the hook, you must first puncture them by the head part of the shrimp , and then gently move the rest of the hook through the body of the shrimp until it takes the same shape as the hook; With this technique you will avoid being robbed of the hook shrimp from the first bite, although I recommend you from experience to be very attentive to the bites because the shrimp by their softness are easily eaten by the species. Try to use hooks that are rather small and as thin as possible, just like your fishing line that does not exceed 12 lb of power.