Best Shimano Fishing Reels On The Market – The Ultimate Guide

Best Shimano Fishing Reels

In this section we will study the different types of fishing reels as well as indicate a selection of models from one of the best brands in the market: Shimano. Therefore, if you are a little inexperienced or want to get as much information as possible, we invite you to read this guide that we have prepared for you.

Fishing is a popular outdoor sport in many parts of the world. Being in touch with nature combined with the impetus to capture a large fish can become the ideal escape from the routine. However, in order to fish you need several tools, such as rods, reels, hooks, etc.

The Shimano fishing reels are considered one of the best options for both beginners and experts. This brand, of Japanese origin, has a long history of success in the area of sport, where fishing is highlighted, thanks to the quality of its gear and performance.

In order to choose the best one for you, you must take into account some aspects, since there are different models and types depending on the fishing area, your style and the species you want to capture. For example, to fish on the high seas, you need a trolling reel, since it has great resistance, good line capacity and also brake control.

If you rather want to invest in a model that serves almost any use, the spinning reels are the most popular. They have a lot of versatility and make it easy to work with long distances without losing accuracy, which is why they are ideal for beginner and intermediate anglers.

Whatever your need, we hope you can find what you are looking for in this comparison, where we have paid attention to the most important aspects to determine if these models have what it takes to be considered a good purchase.

Recommended Products

Shimano BM7000XSA

The BM7000XSA is a spinning reel with stainless steel bearings, a detail that adds a lot of robustness and comfort to use in all fishing levels.

It is equipped with the Dyna Balance system, responsible for reducing vibrations to maintain better stability in the grip. It also works with the Shimano Power Roller, a mechanism that considerably reduces line twist while you pick it up.

It has a weight of 680 grams and a crank of smooth movement that will facilitate you to launch the line or pick up very quickly. Its transmission is 4.6: 1 with a line capacity of 0.40 millimeters / 250 meters, so you get freedom of movement and comfort when using the reel with your preferred rod.

In the braking area, this model is capable of reaching a maximum force of 15 kilograms, which is more than enough for occasional fishing for entertainment.

Shimano HL2500FB

The design of this reel is very attractive with black and gold finishes that will get attention when installed on your fishing rod. It is a very useful option for those who do not demand too much when fishing, since it can work with a maximum weight of 3 kilograms per specimen.

It has the advantage of being quite light, with only about 220 grams, being quite comfortable to use in domestic fishing and hobby. Its manufacturing finishes are strong and durable, so you can use the equipment with confidence and stability. It is designed for fishing with float or feeder of thin thread.

Its transmission is of 4.6: 1 and also works with the modern systems of Shimano to reduce the vibration of the line, which facilitates its use. The internal mechanisms move very smoothly with each turn of the handle so you can pick up the line easily and avoid losing any fish.

Shimano ULT14000XSD

For those who want to take the game one step further, there is the ULT14000XSD, a reel designed for deep-sea fishing. This model is very good for long throws thanks to its body stays parallel to the rod and the arch has enough space to move freely and avoid traffic jams.

It should be noted that, although it is a more or less heavy fishing option, it has a box of four changes that will allow you to place yarn of different diameters, which adds a lot of versatility to the reel so you can use it wherever you want. It is also equipped with two aluminum coils of 14000 plus four reducers to 10000 and 3500.

It has a weight of 644 grams and robust and resistant finishes for those who want to get the most out of it. In addition, its design is quite attractive to give a more professional touch to your fishing rod.