Best Sevylor Inflatable Boat On The Market – Ultimate Guide

Best Sevylor Inflatable Boat

​Water rides are rewarding and fun activities, which evidently require the use of equipment and implements specially designed for this purpose, that give us the possibility of a pleasant and safe journey through the waters we choose to travel. For all these requirements nowadays we have inflatable boats .

An inflatable boat is a means of transport on water that has the virtue of offering infinite possibilities of use, from a relaxing walk in a calm river, to go fishing, go out to explore or practice some sport in the sea; and even, there are some models on the market that can be disassembled, folded and compacted to facilitate transport to any place.

Throughout history these small boats have been participants in numerous events and activities. The first inflatable boats, were created by Peter Halket in the 1840s, thanks to its integrity and eagerness to obtain a boat light enough to be carried by land and conveniently strong enough to withstand any type of weather condition.

If you want to get one of these practical inflatable boats, you should take into account some tips to make your purchase successful. First of all review your comparison and highlight the model that best suits the use you want to give it, its capacity depends on this condition. You must take into account the weight that can bear, as well as the stability offered by the boat. And finally, verify that the boat is made of durable and resistant materials and that keep you afloat at all times.

Sevylor Reef 300

Main advantage:
The most relevant advantage of this inflatable boat is its load capacity. Thanks to its dimensions and design it can easily transport up to two people, or a total load of up to 150kg.

Main disadvantage:
Despite having high score in the network, some users have let know that they miss a valve for a fast deflation.

Capacity and portability
The Sevylor Reef 300 is a comfortable and easy to maneuver inflatable boat. It has dimensions of 300 x 88 cm mounted, and packaging can measure 49 x 15 x 70 cm and its weight is 9 kg, which is why you can take it in the trunk of your car when you travel. It is an easily portable boat, which allows you to walk and have fun in the water in a safe and comfortable way.

It has the capacity to support up to 150 kg of weight, and carry up to two adults or an adult and an older child. It is equipped with two adjustable and safe seats that allow you to paddle without any inconvenience (it does not include oars). In addition, it has various grip points that allow all cargo accessories to be secured.

Resistant materials
A very important aspect when purchasing this type of marine vehicle is to verify the safety of its crew. This could not be carried out if the boat does not have adequate manufacturing materials, for the type of environment in which we will use it and for the type of climate to which it will be exposed.

The Sevylor Reef 300 is made of high strength nylon, capable of supporting fresh or salt water (sea or river) with a maximum weight of 150 kg. It has highly reinforced floor, ensuring stability in the kayak. It also has three air chambers that guarantee that you will stay afloat in the event of a setback.

Design and accessories
Besides being wide, with little weight and having a capacity for two crew with adjustable seats, it also has a foot pad that gives you firmness when paddling; handles to be easily transported to where we want and additionally, is equipped with a window on the floor that provides a unique and spectacular view of the seabed.

Its striking colors (yellow and black) and its modern and attractive design, make it easily visible from a distance in case of an emergency. And if that were not enough, it includes a practical transport bag for storage and a measuring instrument such as the manometer, to be able to check the pressure of the boat before the crossing.