Best Kayaks On The Market – The Ultimate Guide

Best Kayaks

Those who love extreme sports who want to buy a kayak to enjoy with their family or in the company of their loved ones have not been able to make a decision about which model to buy. We wanted to help you and saved you a bit of time, since we have carried out research that allows you to choose the best one in the market. We have researched the opinion of the clients, characteristics and value for money to simplify the task. The most recommended equipment by users is the Intex K2 that has a maximum capacity of 160 Kg, with two inflatable and adjustable seats, according to your position and your need. We also find the model Asturkayak ka003na, that due to its fishing type configuration has a wide weight capacity of up to 200 kilos and a high stability to avoid accidents during your holidays.

Comparison chart

Intex - Kayak inflatable Kayak Intex Explorer & 2 paddles - 312x91x51 cm - 68307NP

This inflatable product has a great resistance, capable of holding up to 160 kilos of resistance, also incorporating a manual inflator that barely needs about 12 minutes to leave it ready to sail.The front seat has some minor defects, such as not having lumbar support or having a design that, during a prolonged use session, can cause some discomfort.A quality mixed kayak with which to sail calm waters without worries.


Kayak Ikaipa Angler Expert (Yellow)

Being a fishing type kayak, the product allows us to stand on it, offering improved stability, even in complicated waters. In fact, his gets to hold about 200 kilos of weight.Due to its construction, we are facing a rigid, non-inflatable product, which makes the transport of the product somewhat more complex since it has to be directly mounted where necessary.This kayak is ideal for fishing, but also for those who want to navigate with better safety and resistance.

Intex - Kayak inflatable kayak & 2 rowing - 351 x 76 x 38 cm (68306)

An inflatable product, designed for cruises, which includes two independent inflation chambers. Something that allows you to increase the capacity of inflation to resist up to 160 kilos and makes it more safe in case of a puncture, by keeping one area inflated while the other releases air.Some user comments that the process of deflation of the product needs time and skill to eliminate the indoor air and leave it ready to be stored in your bag.A perfect kayak to enjoy sailing in calm waters, just by inflating the product.

What is the best kayak in the market?

When we go on vacation or go to the lake, it always causes us to take a walk, row and relax for a while or practice other more risky disciplines for which a kayak is very useful. But if you are not a professional in this area, we know that it will not be easy to make a good purchase and, therefore, we prepare this summary guide to buy the best kayak and so you can know other important aspects about this type of craft before worrying only for buying the cheapest one.

Definitely, this type of equipment is not cheap, so you have to make a comparison of kayaks before making a hurried purchase and purchase a boat that does not suit your level of preparation.

Shopping guide

Depending on the type of navigation you want to do, you must choose the material of your kayak. You can choose between inflatable made in resistant vinyl and polyethylene that is an almost indestructible material, this if you are in beginner mode. Once you have gained experience in navigation, you will be ready for a much lighter kayak like those made of kevlar fiber or fiberglass. If you just want to navigate the lake or have children play in the pool, an inflatable kayak will be the best option for you, but if you want to take this sport seriously and make it a frequent practice, then you should think about investing more money for a semi-professional team to improve your technique in the kayak and navigate in different aquatic spaces.

Undoubtedly, this aspect will determine how much the chosen kayak costs, so you should check your budget well and evaluate the use that you will give to make a good investment for an economic but quality kayak.

Types of kayak
In this same order of ideas, there is a type of kayak for each discipline; we invite you to investigate a little about the different branches of this sport. Here we summarize some of them:

Recreation kayak: It is a versatile boat, ideal for those who start in this sport. Generally, they are self-emptying but you can also get this type but closed, which work well for sailing in the sea.

Self-emptying kayak: This canoe is distinguished because the legs of the occupant are outdoors and this is sitting in a higher position than in closed kayaks. Its use is recommended for beaches, lakes and calm rivers.

Cruising kayak: They are usually longer than previous models, reaching up to 5 meters in length, are designed to make medium-long crossings in the sea and have spacious compartments to carry your supplies.

Fishing kayak: It can be inflatable or rigid, as stable as the previous models but with the particularity of having additional compartments to keep the baits or the baitboats so that your fishing day takes place as comfortable as possible.

Seats and footrests
When sailing in a kayak, comfort and good posture will allow you to enjoy the ride, so you should choose a boat with comfortable seats, preferably padded but also have a backrest. There are models where the backrest can be removed and the seat also, in the case you want to travel alone and do not need the other seat.

Many backs are made of EVA foam, although it is important that you choose one covered with a breathable fabric to keep you cool. As for the footrests, there are kayaks that include a preformed space for your comfort and safety so that when you get up from the boat, you stand firm without staggering.

The oars are a fundamental part for the efficient management of the kayak. We suggest you choose the ones that are extendable because they are easier to store and if they are made of aluminum, much better, because it will guarantee a corrosion resistant equipment, with a high level of durability, while being lightweight. There are some models that include the paddles and some do not.

When you have to row independently, we recommend checking that the blade is the right size for you, that it has an asymmetrical design, that is to say that each blade has a different plane. This is an advantage of the removable oars, since you can adjust the angle of each side, because that will define your style of paddling and the efficiency of it.

Although rigid kayaks can be more difficult to store and move, they are usually made with lightweight materials that you can carry with your traveling companion, but if you need something really portable, you can choose removable kayaks or inflatables. On the latter, there are special models that include a travel bag to carry on your back with total comfort. Other models, on the other hand, when properly folded, turn themselves into the backpack because they have integrated carrying handles.

This aspect is very important if you are a regular explorer and do not have your own means of transport, so you must load all the navigational implements yourself. Keep all these aspects in mind when determining which is the best kayak on the market for you.

What is the best kayak of 2018?

Sailing in the lake, sea or a river during a weekend or the holidays is a good attraction to enjoy as a family but you must have the right equipment. Here is a list of recommendations with five products valued by our customers to help you choose the best kayak and invest your money in the smartest way so that you become an expert navigating with your friends and family.

Recommended Products

Intex Explorer K2

Main advantage:
An interesting aspect of this product is that it includes among its accessories, a pair of oars, light and resistant that facilitate navigation. You will be saving extra money, while you get an excellent quality kayak.

Main disadvantage:
One or another user complains that the inflator included with the equipment is somewhat short at the time of inflating.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10
This product has the support of the prestigious Intex brand, experts in the inflatable products market. Its high-quality manufacturing materials, its capacity to support 160 kg of weight and its ease of transport, are qualities that buyers value and recommend.


Easy to use
The kayaks, also known in Spain as canoes, are small narrow and elongated boats, with stern and bow. Today's models include from one to four seats and are used in the sea, in lakes, in rivers, in white water, etc. There is a specific kayak for each situation and there are also in different materials.

The Explorer K2 model of the Intex brand is an inflatable kayak that offers a convenient and practical alternative to navigate easily when you want. You can take it with you, either to the beach or to a lake, folded comfortably in your transport bag (included) and there assemble and inflate it quickly, with a minimum of effort.

In order to inflate the kayak comfortably and without the risk of leaving your lungs in the attempt, this model includes a manual inflator with which you can leave it ready to sail in a short time; Deflating it is not a problem either, thanks to its boston valve that makes the task easier.

Materials and capacity
When it comes to inflatable products, whether swimming pools, mattresses or kayaks, it is vital that they have high strength materials. In this case the Explorer K2 model is a kayak capable of supporting up to 160 kg of total weight, which says a lot in favor of its manufacturing materials.

This boat has the quality and support that identifies the products of the Intex brand, it can be used in calm waters with total safety, since it is made of durable and highly resistant vinyl with a thickness of 0.75 mm; It also integrates two independent air chambers that guarantee its buoyancy.

It is a reliable and stable kayak to sail as a couple; It also offers extra space to carry towels, food and even a small pet. It is a recommended model for recreational use, you can take it on your next vacation and enjoy with your family walks on the lake.

Design and accessories
With a weight of 17 kg and dimensions of 312 x 91 x 51 cm this practical kayak model can be easily stored at home without taking up much space, since in its folded box only measures 59 x 35 x 41 cm.

It has a floor, which is rigid and padded at the same time and which, like its two seats, offers security and ergonomics to the crew. The seats are inflatable and adjustable and integrate a comfortable backrest for long walks in the water.

It also includes a pair of light and resistant oars, made of high quality aluminum, measuring 219 cm in length. With them you can navigate in a safe and comfortable way in the company of another navigator. Always remember to use personal rescue equipment or a lifejacket and be aware of the currents and weather forecasts.

Asturkayak ka003na

Among the best kayak of 2018, the Asturkayak fishing kayak, a completely Spanish product, designed to withstand strong currents and strong waves to put the endurance of this equipment to the limit. With a maximum capacity of 200 kg (even more than the previous model, that is, two people will be able to use it without problems) this boat has a defined line design to reach high speeds without compromising its stability.

The seat with comfortable and padded back includes a backpack carrying objects in the back so that you have all your fishing items at hand.

Likewise, the central nursery with a capacity of 5 liters and 24 cm in diameter allows keeping the live bait oxygenated, a great advantage for fishermen who use this type of bait, this compartment has a self-emptying hole to maintain a regular flow of oxygen, but When placing a plug it can be used as a loading area.

In this kayak you will be able to stand up in total safety because it has a preformed footrest that allows you to stand without wobbling.

If the previous model does not meet your needs, read the characteristics of the following model from our list, which is manufactured to withstand strong currents.


Speed: It has lines that provide high speed without affecting stability.

Capacity: It can load a maximum of 200 Kg, its dimensions are 4.33 x 0.76 x 0.35 and its weight is 29 Kg.

Ergonomics: It has a comfort padded seat and a preformed support to stand up safely. It also has an adjustable footrest.

Central hatchery: This has a capacity of 5 liters and 24 cm in diameter, which makes it possible to keep the live bait oxygenated; This represents an advantage for fishermen who usually use this type of bait.


Transportation : Your transfer of difficulty makes it a little bit not to be an inflatable kayak.

Intex Challenger K2

If you wonder what is the best inflatable kayak on the market, it definitely has to be Intex brand, like the Challenger K2 model, designed to sail as a couple, has a maximum capacity of 160 kg and its dimensions are 351 x 76 x 38 cm .

The materials with which Intex manufactures its aquatic products are of high quality and resistance as those used in this kayak, it also includes removable keel and double aluminum oars. The seats are adjustable and inflatable but can be removed.

Combined in green with black, this product has an attractive design and is the favorite for the smallest of the family during family vacations, so it is recommended to actively supervise them and its use is discouraged for children under 6 years of age.

The Intex kayak has 2 independent air chambers to facilitate a rapid inflation and deflation for which a manual inflator is also included.

If you are looking for a kayak for two people, this model available under the quality of the best kayak brand on the market, may be the most favorable option for you. Know its positive and negative aspects.


Capacity: Thanks to its measures of 351 x 76 x 38 cm , two people can comfortably go about it, since it supports 160 kg of weight.

Cameras: It has 2 independent air chambers with a Boston valve for rapid inflation and deflation.

Material: It is green and is made of a quality material and very resistant; the gauge is 0.75 mm.

Inflatable floor : It has a fully inflatable floor with two built-in seats that can be inflated, disassembled and regular.


Storage : It is a bit complicated to store the kayak after using it.

Sevylor Riviera

Inflatable kayaks are popular with sailing enthusiasts, especially for their good price and the quality of their materials, such as the Sevylor Riviera, which has two side chambers with a PVC base that provides greater stability and security with a coating of resistant nylon.

This kayak has a classic design with the novelty that when deflated can be placed as a backpack. At the moment of filling it has a manometer which indicates the precision of inflation when the bar reaches the green zone.

For its part, the Boston valves ensure inflation and deflation in a short time thanks to the five air chambers. This kayak includes two ergonomic handles that facilitate your transfer as if it were a travel bag in case you do not want to carry it as a backpack. As for the dimensions, this equipment measures 312 cm x 88 cm and weighs 10 kilograms.

The following product is not among the cheapest options, but it offers a very good relationship in terms of quality and price. Detail your features and find out if it is the kayak you are looking for.


Winding system: Its new winding system allows the kayak to become a backpack.

Capacity: Its measurements are 315 x 90 cm and it has two inflatable side chambers that provide greater security.

Resistant: It has a reinforced PVC base and a floor with double partitions and a resistant Nylon cover.

Accessories: It has Boston valve, 5 air chambers, 2 large inflatable seats and a Sevytest included (pressure gauge). It also includes a repair kit.

Material: Only one comment indicated that once the kayak was inflated, the plastic lost some resistance.

BIC Sport - Y0903-SC

Another of the best kayaks of 2018 is the Bic Sport Trinidad model, a rigid kayak, which although not the cheapest, is an excellent investment if you want to practice this discipline frequently. With a capacity for two adults and one child, the Bic Sport measures 3.59 meters more compact than other models in its category, which provides greater maneuverability and superior stability.

If you plan to make a long journey you will need provisions for which has a large rear compartment very useful to store your things with elastic safety straps that will protect your bags or boxes.

Among its features it is worth highlighting the padded seat with EVA foam, the integrated footrest, the drain plugs and the inserts to place backs to the seats.

The flat hull design of this boat is suitable for calm waters and you can adapt a small electric motor to navigate long distances.

To finish with this guide, we offer you the best kayak for 630 euros at the moment. Analyze what it offers you and evaluate if it is what you are looking for.


Capacity: Can transport two adults and a child, measures about 3.59 meters and provides maneuverability and stability.

Storage: It has a very useful rear storage to store your items with elastic safety straps that protect your objects.

Comfort: Its padded seats with EVA foam along with its footrests guarantee your comfort.

Extras: Includes drain plugs and inserts to place backs to the seats.


Rigidity : It is a rigid kayak, so you must allocate a specific place inside your garage to store it.

Intex K2

This inflatable kayak of Intex qualifies as the best kayak in the market for the quality of its materials and the price totally in line with the functionality of the equipment.

The highly resistant materials of this kayak guarantee the durability of this one, with a capacity for two people since it has a maximum resistance of 160 kg. The two seats are adjustable and also inflatable, and include a backrest for the comfort of sailors. The two aluminum oars are light but sturdy and measure 219 cm each.

For more comfort, a manual inflator is included, which you can carry with the team everywhere to guarantee its filling in just 12 minutes. This kit is very complete because it also integrates a transport bag and an A5 sheet of Aironfix type paper to make small repairs.

The manufacturer recommends the supervision of an adult when it is used by children and take special care when there is wind and the current is agitated.

Many users who are passionate about extreme sports want to have their own equipment to enjoy when they want their favorite activity. Having your own kayak allows you to know and master it better. To start with this guide we bring you a model that can be the ideal when you ask what kayak to buy. Read carefully the pros and cons of the best kayak of the moment.


Capacity: It is a kayak for two people, with a load of 160 kg and measures 312 x 91 x 51 cm.

Material: It is made with vinyl, a very resistant material. The gauge is 0.75 mm.

Floor: The seats that are incorporated are inflatable, adjustable and removable.

Accessories: Includes a steering keel, two double oars made of 219 cm aluminum and a manual inflator. In addition, it comes with a rope and net in the bow, which will facilitate transportation.


Seats : Users indicate that the seats could be a little more comfortable.

The most popular brands

The purchase of a kayak whether for fun walks or exercise more intensely is always a good idea, but at the same time, it is a decision that must be carefully considered mainly for safety issues and because the purchase of a similar item It can be something expensive. Our recommendation is that you first investigate the most popular brands of kayaks and, from there, decide which model to acquire; In the next section we share information about some of our favorite brands.

Intex is a company that has focused both its brand image and the development of its products in the creation of articles that benefit family life, its products are designed to develop outdoor activities, provided at all times comfort, safety and fun .

Intex started its activities as a company more than 40 years ago and since then its constant concern for quality has been the trigger for many good articles that have positioned the company as a benchmark in the sector.

Since its inception, the main goal of its founders has been to supply items of the highest quality while maintaining the most affordable prices on the market; Today they continue to maintain this objective, so they managed to become a multinational that operates in more than 100 countries and distributes its products on all continents.

The company is well known for the manufacture of removable garden pools, but its catalog includes many other interesting products such as spas and jacuzzis, inflatable mattresses, boats and kayaks, inflatable accessories for swimming pools, diving items and much more.

Although its first successful product was launched on the market in 1949, the path of the Sevylor company officially started a year earlier by promoting a small collection of inflatable items and accessories for water sports.

Sevylor products have their origin during the postwar period of World War II, with a company that built electrical accessories; This fact allowed them to experiment with high frequency welding machines and invent one of the first inflatable pools.

Since then it shares a simple objective, the creation of high quality recreation products at affordable prices; They seek at the same time to encourage their clients to have a much more active outdoor life and to have fun in recreational activities for the whole family.

With almost 70 years of experience, and also considered a leader in innovation, the company maintains a constant focus on growing its product catalog and improving existing ones based on new technologies; thanks to it you will be able to find between your products kayaks and canoes, inflatable boats, floats, accessories and much more.

As one of the branches of the famous pen firm, the BIC sport brand was founded by the Bich family in 1979; This would be born as a result of the passion they have always felt for practicing water sports combined with their interest in creating sustainable and affordable items.

Already by 1980 BIC Sport had established itself as a world leader in the manufacture of boards for windsurfing and during the following years it would use the resources at its disposal in combination with its technological skills to venture into other projects. In this way, its catalog of products was expanded to make way for the design and distribution of items for surfing, kayaks, racing boats and, recently, SUP (paddle surfing).

Today the company is recognized as a pioneer in the production of surfboards for a very demanding public and as a result of the innovation in its products have been able to win numerous design awards around the world, at European level it is also known among the best kayak makers.