Best Inflatable Boats Intex On The Market – Ultimate Guide

Best Inflatable Boats Intex

If we want to have fun and outdoor adventures, the ideal is to have a boat that allows us to get in touch with nature, navigating in rivers, lakes and seas. The inflatable boats are an excellent choice if you do not want to spend a fortune on a boat.

Safety is an important issue when looking for an inflatable boat, so it is necessary to take into account special features in its design to ensure its buoyancy. Some models include three or more air chambers that impede the sinking of the boat and offer a rigid floor capable of supporting the crew.

Given its versatility of use, inflatable boats are ideal for the practice of water sports, excursions and other recreational activities such as fishing. Likewise, they have acquired great importance for providing support in events such as rescue and rescue of people or animals. They are manufactured with resistant materials and high quality, in order to maintain their integrity in front of the elements. They are usually made of PVC or vinyl plastic that can withstand bumps and rubs.

If you are one of the people looking for a particular style of boat, you have a whole world of brands and models in the market to choose from. That's why in your comparison you should analyze the model that covers your needs and that fits your budget; The idea is that you invest in a product that offers you a long life and guarantees safety.

It is important to take into account the dimensions and capacity it offers; without neglecting the comfort that the boat can offer, as well as the possibility of including accessories for greater savings. As for the brand, it is worth betting on a prestigious manufacturer such as Intex, a leading company in the inflatable market; manufactures, among other products, a great diversity of pools and boats of different sizes and models.

Recommended Products

Intex Excursion 5

This model of boat has the support of many buyers who consider it an excellent purchase option. It is ideal for amateurs or professional sailors, since it offers a high level of security and stability.

For this, it has 3 independent air chambers that keep the boat afloat in the event of a mishap, it also has valves that allow quick and easy inflation and deflation.

It is made of durable vinyl, with a thickness of 0.75 mm, which offers strength and durability. Its dimensions are 366 x 168 x 43 cm and can carry up to 4 passengers or 455 kg, it also incorporates supports to easily operate the oars, and integrates a handle in the bow to facilitate its transport.

Includes accessories that provide comfort and safety: 3 padded seats (2 of them with backrest), two 137 cm aluminum paddles, a manual inflator, a tool bag, holding rope, patch kit and accessories for motor mounting .

Intex Seahawk 4

If you want to make a boat that includes 122-cm aluminum paddles and a manual filling pump, but that also has the backing of a prestigious brand, this boat could meet your expectations. Intex inflatable boats are distinguished by their high quality and this model can offer you safety and long life.

It is made of highly resistant material such as vinyl, with a thickness of 0.75 mm that faces the hits and chafing; Its size is 351 x 145 x 48 cm, it is capable of supporting up to 400 kilograms and transporting a maximum of 4 people.

You can sail comfortably in calm waters with your family or friends, for it also incorporates two inflatable cushions.

The boat comes equipped with three air chambers and an auxiliary camera for greater safety of the crew. The oars are held in the welded supports to the boat, which guarantees better maneuverability during the displacement on the water.

Intex Seahawk 3

This inflatable boat is a product that generates confidence and that can be used by amateurs or professionals of navigation. It complies with all safety regulations, as it is accredited by the ISO-6185-1 navigation standard and is marked with the German TUV GS seal that backs up its guarantee.

It reaches a size of 295 x 137 x 43 cm, supports a maximum weight of 300 Kg and transports two adults and a child easily. It is made of high quality plastic that provides protection against shock and includes 3 air chambers that work independently in case of a disaster. It also has double valves and Boston valve that favors efficient inflation and deflation.

It has a rope around and a handle on the bow that allows easy handling of the boat and for the comfort of passengers has two inflatable cushions and a rigid floor that offers stability.