Best Inflatable Boat For Children – The Ultimate Guide

Best Inflatable Boat For Children

If your budget is not enough to buy a small boat or a sailboat to walk and enjoy the sea and nature, do not worry, as there are always viable alternatives. The inflatable boats are cheaper, they are portable and easy to assemble. For this reason they can be used in various activities, both at sea, in a river and even in a swimming pool.

When we have an inflatable boat we can enjoy nature at any time. Most people use them in events such as salmon, shrimp or crab fishing, but they can also be used for recreational, excursion purposes; and also for a walk in the nearby lake of your house, in a sunset while you relax from a day of exhausting work. It should be mentioned that the market also offers inflatable boats for children, an excellent alternative for kids.

Over time inflatable boats have improved dramatically. Gone are the times when they could only be used in one summer because they ended up broken in a short time. Now the most important brands have taken pains to manufacture boats with highly resistant materials. They have also improved their design and have created a great diversity of sizes, depending on the needs of the buyers, being able to find from the sophisticated inflatable boats with outboard motors, to the simplest models for domestic use, including the models for children.

When you go to buy an inflatable boat the first thing that you should consider is the use that you are going to give it, from there you can choose one or the other model, according to your needs. In your comparison verify that it is a boat made of durable materials. It must also offer stability and security to the people who go inside. Another aspect that you should not leave out, is that it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The renowned Intex brand is part of the Intex Recreation Corp. group. It is a company with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing products for recreation and leisure. Its extensive catalog includes inflatable pools, toys, spas, boats, furniture, boats and more.

Intex Explorer Pro 50

Main advantage:
The most outstanding quality of this boat is the security it offers. Its highly resistant vinyl, coupled with I-beam technology that provides rigidity to the floor, allows the child to remain stable. In addition, its four air chambers keep it afloat in case of a mishap.

Main disadvantage:
Although we do not have critical reports referring to the quality of the product, it should be mentioned that depending on the size of the boat, it may include accessories such as a fan and paddles. In this case, the Explorer Pro 50 does not include them.

Materials and portability
Security is unquestionable when it comes to our children. This model inflatable boat has been manufactured under quality standards, with materials such as high strength vinyl. The Explorer Pro 50 is able to cope with the continuous use, the weight for which it was designed and outdoors.

It has a gauge of 0.35 mm, that is, the vinyl of the boat has this thickness. The gauge measures the thickness of fine or thin materials, it is a unit of length used for these purposes. This favors that you can assemble and disassemble easily and with its weight of 1.6 kg take it wherever you want will not be a problem. In addition, you can fill it comfortably and quickly with a fan (not included).

The Intex Explorer Pro 50 boat is designed exclusively for children over 3 years old and weighing up to 40 kilos. It is a small boat ideal for children to play in the pool of the house, or a lake. Always under the supervision of an adult. Although it is an inflatable boat designed with resistant materials, it is advisable not to go into deep waters.

Its dimensions are 137 x 85 x 23 cm, ideal for a child. It also has a sturdy handle located in the bow to move it in the water and a rope around it that serves for fastening. It comes in several sizes and includes oars and a hand pump for larger boats.

Comfortable and safe
This inflatable boat is ideal for our little ones to spend the summer having fun. If you have a large pool at home, nothing better than giving your child a boat to play and be entertained on hot afternoons. The Intex Explorer Pro 50 has an inflatable floor equipped with I-beam technology that provides both comfort and rigidity; so that the child remains stable and comfortable inside the boat.

In order to offer maximum security in the event of a setback, it offers you 3 main air chambers and an auxiliary chamber, which allow the boat to remain afloat. In addition, this model complies with Standard Standard EN15649, European standard that deals with the use of floating articles on water for recreation.