Best Cheap Kayak On The Market – The Ultimate Guide

Best Cheap Kayak

When you have the opportunity to visit a place with water, being able to cross it in kayak definitely increases the fun, but sometimes you do not want to spend too much resources on an investment of this type, but fortunately there are many options for cheap kayaks that can provide you with the entertainment that You look for an affordable price.

Some of the most practical options are kayaks inflatable type, which in addition to providing you the ability to travel on water, gives you the great quality of being able to store in a small site while not using them, but before buying a kayak of this type, we invite you to know some of the most important aspects that can help you make a good purchase decision.

The first important aspect that you should look for in a kayak is that it provides stability to avoid tipping, especially when children enter the interior. We recommend you check the dimensions it provides so you can assess if it is of a suitable size, as well as check the total weight of the kayak to determine how easily you can transport it.

On the other hand, it is essential to check the thickness of the plastic it is made of, to know if it will be sufficiently resistant to an accidental impact with rigid objects that could perforate it. In addition, check the weight for which the model is recommended, so as not to exceed the limit and be able to use it with confidence.

The comfort is important so that the trip is enjoyed better, so we recommend that the kayak model includes seats, so you can have a nice support, while on the other hand to be located correctly, you can distribute the weight better inside of the boat.

You should not forget the accessories such as the oars and the pump to inflate, in this way you can know if you will have to make an additional investment to use the kayak.

Then we invite you to know the features of the model highlighted in our comparison that can be a good option to complement your fun on the water.

Intex Explorer K2

Main advantage:
There are many favorable comments from users regarding this model, but we believe that the best advantage it offers is the good value for money that it provides, due to this, it is considered a good purchase option.

Main disadvantage:
A slight disadvantage in the design of the model, is that it is considered long the time it takes to disassemble it, but due to the amount of air it requires, it is an aspect that is understood and does not represent major inconvenience.


The convenience of having a kayak that does not involve storing a large item in the home is very practical, and this model to be packed will only occupy 41.3 x 34.3 x 58.7 cm, it is also very easy to transport in a trunk in your car to go on a trip.

Another very convenient aspect is its low weight of only 14 Kg that will not involve too much effort to take it to the water when you have to load it manually. On the other hand, once inflated it provides dimensions of 312 x 91 x 51 cm that are very convenient for two people to comfortably navigate inside it, which will allow you to have fun in company. In addition, it supports a weight of up to 160 kg, so you can surf with confidence.

To give you greater ease of use, the package includes a manual inflation pump, which is very convenient because you can inflate it without worrying about finding a plug.

With its included handles you can transport it once assembled with great ease and also, the adjustable and removable type seats give you a comfortable space that you can adapt according to your height, so you can count on a nice posture for the length of your legs, while on the other hand can provide support for the lower back, which will have a relaxed journey.

The vinyl in which the kayak is made, in addition to providing sufficient strength, has a thickness of 0.75 mm, a feature that makes it very resistant to punctures as well as providing you with durability. In this way you will be able to enjoy its use during numerous occasions to make walks through the water. On the other hand its well-crafted design that starts and ends in a point with a wider central area gives you stability by keeping you from tipping over.

Regarding its stability, the model provides a keel that provides a stable handling and in combination with the aluminum oars of 219 cm that are included you can count on a firm paddling. In addition, these provide an appropriate design to get the advance of the kayak and you can enjoy a trip to which you can give guidance with ease.