Best Cheap Inflatable Boat On The Market – Ultimate Guide

Best Cheap Inflatable Boat

Nowadays inflatable boats have gained great popularity among lovers of outdoor activities, because they are ships with little weight, manageable and cheaper than conventional boats. With these boats it is possible to carry out any type of aquatic event, being its maintenance less expensive and easier to store.

The world of inflatable boats is very extensive, being able to find variety for all tastes. There are motorboats that take you to remote places, fishing boats with stiff ground and resistant materials, beach boats with angular front, those used in pools with a thinner and lighter thickness, and finally, the models designed for children.

If you are a water enthusiast and enjoy sailing in rivers or lakes, with an inflatable boat you can maximize your experience, favoring contact with nature, while you relax with the environment. In the market you will find a great diversity of models and brands, styles and sizes, everything depends on your needs and your budget to find the ideal boat for you.

Some boats allow you to share the fun with family and friends, as they offer capacity for several crew members, while others are limited to a single passenger. In any case, it is advisable to respect the manufacturer's recommendations and not exceed the maximum weight indicated; likewise, if you venture out to sea or deep water, you must abide by the norm of wearing a life jacket.

When choosing between so many cheap inflatable boats offered by the market, you must first evaluate the places where you plan to sail; that is why in all comparisons of these products it is advisable to verify the quality of the manufacturing materials, the resistance, stability and capacity offered by the vessel. Do not leave aside betting on prestigious brands that offer you a guarantee, such as the Intex brand, a leader in the market with more than 40 years of experience.

Intex Explorer Pro 100

Main advantage :
This product stands out for its good value for money, buyers appreciate the security it offers when sailing and its affordable price.

Main disadvantage :
The users miss that it includes a fan and a pair of oars. However, there are other Intex models of larger size that do have this pack.


Capacity and versatility
Having an inflatable boat is an option that will allow you maximum enjoyment when you go to the beach, river or lake and even when you go to the pool. The Explorer Pro 100 model of the Intex brand is an inflatable boat of the well-known Explorer Pro series, which has the capacity to support up to 80 kg of weight and its transport capacity is for an adult person or an older child, under the supervision of an adult.

Inflatable boats like this versatile Intex model, allow you to enjoy nature in all its splendor and at any time of the year, it is recommended for various sporting events, and for the adventurers it is a part of its equipment in an excursion, as well as It is also used for recreational purposes, or simply to navigate calmly by a lake.

It is a pneumatic boat, which can inflate and deflate easily thanks to its Boston valve. The Explorer Pro series to which this model belongs comes in an attractive orange color with yellow that makes it easily visible in the distance, has a rope around it and in the bow has a resistant handle, which favors its drag and manipulation inside and outside the water.

Its dimensions are 160 x 94 x 29 cm and weighs only 2 kg, given its inflatable quality is a portable product that you can carry without problems to any place where you can navigate safely, taking caution with currents. Integrate the appropriate supports for the oars into your structure so that you can navigate and maneuver easily.

Materials and safety
Like all Intex boats, this boat has a high strength vinyl that offers a long life to the product, while providing safety and confidence when entering the water. For this it has a thickness or gauge of 0.35 mm, in order to deal with the blows. In addition, with this boat you will receive a kit of patches in case of a mishap with the tarpaulin.

Account also, for greater peace of mind, with two independent air chambers and an auxiliary air chamber, which keep the boat afloat in case of an accidental puncture; On the other hand, its rigid floor with I-beam technology provides greater stability to the navigator. This boat offers safety by complying with the standard ISO 6185-1 and by having the German TUV GS mark of high quality.