Best Cheap Fishing Reel On The Market – The Ultimate Guide

Best Cheap Fishing Reel

It is not necessary that you spend a lot of money on fishing gear to be able to fully enjoy this sport. If you are a little careful, you can find very affordable models with professional equipment features. In this section, we will try to help you choose one of the best cheap fishing reels based on your needs, types and overall performance.

The fishing reels are one of the most important elements for any fisherman. These tools, along with the rod, the line and the hook, are the basic acquisitions that anyone interested in practicing sports should do.

In order to find the right reel model for you, you must evaluate the type of fishing you want to do. There are options to use on the high seas, others for long or short distances, electric and crank models, with brake or coils, among many other things. For this reason, we advise you to carefully study the types of reels in comparison to avoid wasting your money on a computer that does not have what it takes to satisfy your needs.

In addition to this, you can also consider studying the dimensions of the reel. It should not be too heavy, but not lightweight, but capable of offering you the right level of support and robustness to handle the cane safely. Also, to ensure comfort, you must acquire a right or left handed reel according to your case, since handling the wrong one can make it very difficult to fish something.

If you are interested, we have selected a good alternative among the best valued cheap fishing reels in the market. Here, you will find a detailed analysis of its characteristics, as well as its most important advantages. Perhaps, hopefully, you have in front of you the ideal model to carry out a hobby as entertaining and challenging as fishing is.

Balzer Rollen Speci 100 Hecht

Main advantage :
The Balzer is made of resistant materials and good finishes that provide robustness to the structure of the reel, this helps you maintain the firmness and stability when you catch a fish.

Main disadvantage:
It may not be the right model for high-demand fishing with large, heavy specimens, but rather as a hobby and entertainment.


All fishing equipment must have resistance to oxidation and premature wear, since they spend much of their useful life in contact with water. This also includes the fishing reel and you must make sure that it meets the minimum requirements to avoid a bad investment.

The Balzer is made of brass, a lightweight and very resistant material that forms a structure with a total weight of 265 grams. You should not worry about oxidation regardless of whether you use it in fresh or salt water. The joints are quite robust and will increase the firmness of your hands to offer you a greater level of control.

The crank seems to rotate smoothly and this makes it easy to pick up the line so you can get the fish out of the water quickly or just re-arrange your reel for a new release. It has a small rubber handle that will prevent your hands from sliding when you hold it.

Some modern reels can have very useful systems in different areas. If you analyze the manufacturing specifications, you can see if the model you are interested in has everything necessary to facilitate the fishing itself. You can also evaluate this according to the style and environment where you feel most comfortable.

The Rollen Speci 100 Hecht is equipped with a lifting system S designed for the installation of lines of optimization according to the thread, which gives you the possibility to use the reel for different types of fishing. It also has a system of brake of microdisco of fixed adjustment or SDS, with which you will be able to diminish the movement of the fish in the water to avoid that it can pull too much the nylon; very useful to exhaust it before starting to roll up.

Finally, we find the anti - oscillation system for high races or ASS, designed to avoid the oscillation of the reel in intense uses and improve balance.

One of the most important components of the fishing reel is the reel, since in this section of the reel is where the thread is wound. In order to be sure of choosing the right coil, you must take into account the type of thread, its diameter and length to combine them properly and avoid clogging.

The Balzer is equipped with a light nylon coil, which has the advantage of including the 0.33 mm fishing nylon already installed. So you will not have to spend extra money to be able to attach the reel directly to your rod.

This coil has a two-component lacquer coating with ABS shock absorption system so you can use it without worrying about falls or bumps. Thanks to its design and distribution of parts, it is suitable for lefties and righties without problems.

One of his buyers let us know that the coil allows a very smooth exit of the thread, making it easier to locate the hook where you want it.