SEO is the process of making your website search engine friendly so that when someone types in your services or your products online, you show up. Let’s say you are a Landscaping company in Chicago or Miami and you want to move your website up in for keyword terms such as “landscaper in chicago” or “landscaper in miami,” you are going to need to fully optimized your website with the proper title tags and meta description so when the google bot comes to your website, it shows that your website is the most trusted and relevant for that particular search term.  The next thing you should look into is getting local and business citations so google can see you are a real live business and it also helps with your backlink profile. It’s important that you get a wide mix of anchor text coming back to your website as too much of one phrase or word can over-optimize your website and cause you to get a penalty. You can risk your website getting de-indexed or pushed back in the rankings.

Should I Hire An SEO Expert?

Yes, you should absolutely hire an SEO expert. You can do some basic optimization such as setting up your page titles and meta description, however, it is highly recommended that you hire a reputable miami seo agency to get the most out of your SEO efforts. If you live in Chicago I would google “seo chicago” and find an agency that can help you out. SEO is very complex and should be done by a professional however make sure you do not hire an agency that charges very low monthly fees as you will get what you pay for. A reputable agency knows its value and will charge you a price that is fair however do not expect it to be a low cost. It all depends on what you are looking to accomplish and how many keywords you want to go after. Do not work with agencies that offer cookie cutter pricing because no two businesses are alike.

We all think about starting own business and being our own boss at some point in our lives. What seems to be the reason that holds most of us back? Is it money, time, or energy? In my experience it’s been neither one of those reasons. The biggest factor that hold us back from taking the risk of starting our own business is fear. Fear of leaving the security and comfort of our 9-5 job that pays us a decent wage but not enough for us to do all the things we really want to do. So what happens is that we get complacent and just exist and never actually start living. Why should we spend most of our time working for someone else and building someone else’s dream when we can build our own? Just think about when your sitting in your death bed and you start thinking about all your experiences and memories and you ask yourself “did I live life my life to the fullest?” If you a cannot answer this questions honestly, then you are doing yourself a disservice. If starting a business is something you really want to do then take the risk today because your not getting any younger and you must learn to value your time here on earth.

Fear or (false evidence appearing real) will be your monster in your closet however, if you learn to face your monster and tell it to go away then you will accomplish so much more than you every imagined. I would suggest finding a business in which you fill a need by solving a problem. You may need to go through several businesses through your journey to find one that stick where you are passionate about and cannot wake up each day to work on it. We often need to go through struggles and pain to grow and become better people so that we can share with others our knowledge and experience.