Do you like helping people? Do you feel you can connect with just about anyone? Do you feel that your life mission is to help others overcome their fears? If you answered yes to any of these then sit back, relax and keep reading. If you truly feel that counseling others are something you want to do, you can start this business very easily just by creating a website. If you want to help people find ways to get rid of anxiety or specifically how to stop anxiety attacks then you can simply set up a website and start doing some promotion and get people contacting you immediately. Setting up a website may seem daunting especially if you have no experience, however, you can hire a freelancer online from Upwork and have your website built for under a few hundred dollars. Once you have your website up it’s time to start doing your promotions. A good place to start would be looking for other people’s products that you can promote on your website to help make some money fast. You can provide insightful information on your website or set up a blog that connects to your website and provides information that helps people overcome anxiety attacks then at the end of the article you can recommend a product or service. Every time someone purchases a product from your website and uses your affiliate link, you will get a commission. This is a great way to help people and also make some money at the same time.

If you want to have one on one sessions, you can charge a lot more, however, it will take some of your time. I would suggest if someone want a one on one you charge them a high fee. You can charge people lower fees if they are in a group because this will allow you to use your time effectively. At the end of the day, I would suggest you start a group coaching program that brings in people that you charge a monthly fee to participate in and eventually create your own information product.